Child Safety Locks Baby Proofing Cabinets | Fridge Lock | Toilet Locks | Baby Proof Drawers, Oven, Appliances | No Tools | Adjustable Strap + Extra Strong 3M Adhesives (6 pack) by
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CHILD SAFETY LOCKS THAT PROTECT YOUR BABY: Keep your kid away from choking hazards, chemicals, sharp objects and other dangers that he can come across while searching unsupervised in cabinets or drawers. Welldot's safety locks make your house a care free environment for your tot. They can also be used as: fridge locks, oven locks, toilet locks and appliances locks. INSTALL THESE BABY SAFETY LOCKS IN NO TIME: Welldot's safety latches come with easy to follow instructions. You will baby proof your house in minutes without having to use any tools. The straps do not damage your furniture and can be fixed in place and removed with ease. BABY PROOFING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER: Welldot's baby proof locks can be easily operated by adults one-handed yet challenging enough to deter a young child. Welldot's safety locks feature adjustable straps' length and stick on well, efficiently restricting the little explorer. PREMIUM QUALITY: These child proof locks are sturdy yet flexible. They can be put in place on both flat surfaces and around corners. Welldot's reusable safety locks come with extra adhesive so you can conveniently relocate them on other pieces of furniture. REMOVE ONE OF THE GREATEST RISKS: Welldot puts safety first providing you with four socket caps to prevent any accidental electrical shocks. Cover the outlets around the house to keep your curious toddler safely away from power source!
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